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1 Simple Tactic to Get More Traffic to Your Watch Blog

Most watch enthusiasts spend time Googling things like “best watches under $500,” then they are taken to forums where they quickly browse threads for people’s opinions. I know, because I am one of these watch enthusiasts (aka watch nerds). This is also why I made WatchJudge, a community for sharing the best watches. If you are a watch blogger or startup, come share a link to your reviews, product pages, kickstarters etc. The most recent posts show up in the sidebar of this blog, and the top voted are emailed monthly to our community (1,800+ email subscribers). 🙂

Ironically, watch bloggers are afraid to give their subjective opinions in fear of seeming less credible or biased; when in fact, that’s exactly what consumers want. And they want it in a more organized fashion than sifting through endless forum threads or long, detailed watch reviews. In depth reviews have their place, but at the very least you should be linking them to a quick roundup of your favorites (categorized in someway for even more value).

In the age of limited attention and the need for immediate gratification when searching for things online, get a leg up and use your expertise to your advantage. Create organized lists of your favorite watches. It’s obviously subjective in nature, so no one is expecting your recommendations to be the perfect fit for their needs. Give the people what they want, and they will come to you. The best part about this strategy is that there is minimal competition.

Hit me up on Twitter or in our private Facebook group with a link to one of your favorite watches. Always happy to re-share quality opinions.