The 18 Best Watches for The Money (According to Horology Nerds)

I spend many a night on the interwebs looking for great watches…

Why? I freakin’ love nice timepieces! 🙂

I scour sites like WatchUSeek, /r/watches, and Hodinkee, but I’ve always wanted a simple list of the absolute best watches for the money (recommended by people that really know what they’re talking about).

What am I looking for specifically?

  • Quality watches that hold their value as much as possible
  • Original classic designs
  • Thoughtful engineering, good materials, and longevity (with servicing)

I decided to interview 21 of my favorite watch bloggers (aka horology nerds), and I asked them the following question…

“In your opinion, what is the best “bang for the buck” watch available today? (new or used)”

Of course many of them mentioned Seiko, but some of their other recommendations were surprising. They mentioned watches and brands ranging from $40 to over $12,000!

I also asked them about their collection favorites and grail watches (“grail” meaning if they could own any watch).

Here’s the list of who I interviewed:

  • Adam Sofineti,
  • Ariel Adams,
  • Alistair Gibbons,
  • Boris,
  • James Lamdin,
  • James,
  • Jeep99Dad,
  • Jerome,
  • John,
  • Jonathan,
  • Josh,
  • Lloyd Amsdon,
  • Mark Coffman,
  • Matt Ford,
  • Michelle Graff,
  • Mick and Sebastian,
  • Nick,
  • Paul Hubbard,
  • Paul,
  • Robert,

It took me a few months, but I made a simple list of their favorites, and I turned it into a guide called “The Horology Nerd Buyer’s Guide.”

The watches in this guide are categorized by best bang per buck, grail, and collection favorite. Also, all of the watches are sorted by price with a link to their Watch Judge interviews for more explanation.

This is perfect for anyone looking for the best watches in a specific price range, and it’s something that would have saved me a lot of time, $ and buyer’s remorse.

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