10 Scandinavian & Nordic Watch Brands

Scandinavia has always been obsessed with finding an eclectic blend of beauty with high functionality. This blend also find expression in its watches. The Scandinavian and Nordic countries are some of the most beautiful and picturesque countries that are known for its scenic landscapes and minimalist furniture. Now, the same beauty and charm can also […]

Apple, Rolex Isn’t Scared

[Copyright 2017, Watches and Pencils] As a watch nerd and founder of an online watch community, WatchJudge, I’m hyper-alert to all of the media hype and discussion around the new Apple Watch and iPhone X. Specifically, when it relates to any comparison between innovative tech and mechanical watches. For example: It’s not hard to beat […]

Link Roundup #1

This post was inspired by the “Friday Link Pack” posts at Swiss-Miss.com. Because the author of Swiss-Miss is a designer, her blog is categorized as a design blog; however, she showcases anything online that she finds visually appealing. The content in my “Link Roundup” will be similarly broad, but framed from the perspective of a […]