Favorite Watches of Josh, WatchItAllAbout.com

1. What watches do you currently own?

The current collection consists of: Christopher Ward C60 Trident, Christopher Ward C11 chrono, Steinhart Ocean 1, Seiko SKX007, G. Gerlach Otago, Perpetual R-01, Perpetual PR-02, Gruppo Gamma A-41, Melbourne Watch Co Flinders, Melbourne Watch Co Hawthorn, Brathwaite Classic Slim, Citizen Eco-Drive

As you can see, they’re all pretty affordable, nothing really over £500. This is what I particularly enjoy – finding the best watches for as little money as possible.

2. Currently, what is your favorite watch that you own and why?

That’s a really hard one. I’ll have to say it’s my Christopher Ward C11 chrono. I don’t know exactly what it is about it, it just looks and feels incredibly high quality for the price. I love it. It’s closely followed by either of the Perpetuals.

3. What is your grail watch and why?

My grail watch is the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. I just think it’s beautiful in every way and one day it’ll be mine.

4. In your opinion, what is the best “bang for the buck” watch available today? (new or used)

I am a real supporter for Perpetual Watch (http://www.perpetual-watch.com/). How they manage to make such incredible watches for $150 baffles me. It’s a shame they’ve got a waiting list of over 6 months.

5. What is the URL of your watch website, when did you start it, and how do you plan on making it stand out?

My blog and watch review site is Watch It All About (http://www.watchitallabout.com/). I like to think that my reviews are refreshingly thorough and let the pictures do the talking. I only review the watches I like, so I have a good connection with them and this enthusiasm shines through. January 2015 is my 2 year anniversary and I still can’t believe how popular it’s become. Last month it received 25,000 visits (+145% increase from December 2013) and that increases every single month. Thanks to everyone who visits!