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Watches From Matt’s Collection

1. Currently, what is your favorite watch that you own and why?

My favorite watch that I’ve purchased is a Longines Master Collection Moonphase watch. It was my first “real” mechanical watch and one of my favorite complications in watches is the “simple” moonphase. Those two coupled together, despite the fact that I have gotten newer (and older) watches makes my Longines stand out in my collection.


My favorite watch that I own (as in I would never part with it) is an early 1900’s (I’ll have to look up the year when I get home) Elgin pocket watch. It isn’t worth much on the modern market, but it was my Great-great-grandfathers watch when he was an engineer who worked for the B&O Railroad. My father had it nicely restored a number of years ago and gave it to me as a present. Of all the (not too numerous) watches in my collection, it is the one I plan to hand down to my son (or possibly one day grandson, one day far off, my son is 2.5!) that will hopefully stay in the family for a long time to come.


2. What is your grail watch and why?

In mathematics Georg Cantor came up with the concept of multiple classifications of infinity, a countable infinity (which maps to the natural numbers 1, 2, 3, … forever) and an even larger uncountable infinity. I have a similar outlook on grail watches. I’ve lived a very fortunate life, and if things continue to go well for me, then one day after my kids are through school, my attainable grail watch would be an IWC Portugese 7-day.

IWC Portugese 7-day

In another world where I have Scrooge McDuck money, my unattainable grail watch is an Jules Audemars Equation of Time in a rose gold case. Where as the moonphase is my favorite attainable complication, the engineering and science nerd in my loves the concept of a watch calculating the equation of time for where you are on the globe (granted you have to stay there but details ;-))

Jules Audemars Equation of Time Complication

3. In your opinion, what is the best “bang for the buck” watch available today? (new or used)

In terms of bang-for-the-buck today, I think you cannot really beat Orient. I have an Orient FFM00002B0 “Planet Orient” (http://orientwatchusa.com/collections/mens-watches/sport/fm00002b) that I purchased years ago, and it keeps excellent time (better than watches 10 and 20 times its price) and has been a staple in my rotation since day one. I have recommended them to others who have been looking to get their first mechanical watch, and they have also been very happy. I’ve worn mine for anytime I do outdoorsy activities (not quite as a full on beater), or when I will be doing anything where I’d worry about some of my more expensive watches.


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