Favorite Watches of Michelle Graff, NationalJeweler.com

1. What watches do you currently own?

I have a stainless steel Claude Bernard and a gold-plated Movado ESQ.

2. Currently, what is your favorite watch that you own and why?

I like them both equally. I wear my Claude Bernard with silver jewelry and my Movado with gold. I think they are both great-looking watches that serve their purpose; I can look down at my wrist to see what time it is, and I can stack bracelets with both of them. (Side note: I think my answers are going to be far less technical than those given by other people you’ve interviewed for this site.)

3. What is your grail watch and why?

By “grail” I assume you mean the watch I endeavor to own but always may be slightly out of reach, a la Indiana Jones on his last crusade…For me, it’s a Patek. More specifically, it’s the Ref. 6102 Celestial, though I would have one made in a slightly smaller size for my wrist. I blogged about it when I returned from Basel this year: Four thoughts from Basel

4. In your opinion, what is the best “bang for the buck” watch available today? (new or used)

I think TAG Heuer makes a nice watch, particularly the vintage-inspired models they rolled out this year in Baselworld. Also, this is a bit off topic but I wanted to mention that I think it’s cool that TAG Heuer went all in with the creation of the Connected smartwatch. The watch industry, just like the jewelry industry, needs to stay innovative in order to compete. That’s not to say that every brand should stop making mechanical watches and turn instead to smart jewelry, but we do need at least a few of the bigger brands in the wearable game.

5. What is the URL of your watch website, when did you start it, and how do you plan on making it stand out?

It’s not a watch website specifically; it’s a trade website for the jewelry industry as a whole. And you can find it in all its glory at www.nationaljeweler.com.