Favorite Watches of TheTimeBum.com

Text interviews can be long and boring, so I try to keep mine really short and interesting.

TheTimeBum.com is one of my favorite watch blogs. I specifically love his sincere interest in all kinds of watches, and his lack of snootyness when it comes to brand, price etc. Enjoy!

1. What watches do you currently own?

I own more watches than I should. I think the collection is hovering around 50. They range from $40 HMTs to my cherished TAG Heuer Monaco “Steve McQueen” but mostly they are micro brands in the sub-$500 range, and a mix of mechanical and quartz movements.

2. Currently, what is your favorite watch that you own and why?

My favorite watches change all the time, but one of the most satisfying watches I bought last year was a vintage Hosam. It is from the late 70s or early 80s, in awesome shape with an ETA auto. Just a sweet little (37mm) 200m dive watch with a midnight blue bezel. It is not a rare or desirable watch, just a forgotten Swiss micro brand, but it looks so right.

3. What is your grail watch and why?

The problem with this hobby is that I keep finding more to like. My current grail is a pre-moon Omega Speedmaster. On the other hand, a Rolex 1016 Explorer would be pretty sweet. Also, a Heuer AMI Lemania Chronograph. The list just doesn’t end.

4. In your opinion, what is the best “bang for the buck” watch available today? (new or used)

Hands down, it has got to be Seiko. They do everything, they do it well, and they do it for a great price. Build quality is excellent, the technology is impressive, and everything – everything – is done in house. They even grow their own quartz crystals. Last year I kept track of every watch I wore, every day, and the winner by a country mile was my Seiko SKX781 “Orange Monster.” I wore it over 30 times, which was more than twice as often as any other watch. It is sturdy, has a reliable automatic movement, 200m water resistance, a great bracelet, torch-bright lume, and a cool tangerine dial, all for about $200. What’s not to like?

5. What is the URL of your watch website, when did you start it, and how do you plan on making it stand out?

My site is TheTimeBum.com, which is proof that all the good URLs are taken. The site reviews watches and watch accessories in the affordable end of the spectrum. I have been at it for a little more than a year now and have published over 160 posts. It is great fun, but I always try to approach it in a fair, professional manner. What makes it stand out? Why, my keen insight and witty observations, of course!