My 5 Favorite Watch Blogs

best watch blogs

best watch blogs

Is it just me, or did a high percentage of watch blogs run April fools posts? Come on fellow watch nerds. You’re better than that. April fools is for hacks. If your’re writing for an audience, an April fools joke is just an unfunny waste of everyone’s time. Instead of punking my tiny audience, I’m going to try to be helpful.

The following are my favorite watch blogs (in no particular order). What makes these blogs great? They are the few I can recall from memory as being impressive. Also, I visit them regularly. 🙂

  • worn&wound – for their in-depth video reviews, coverage of the newest watches, and sheer volume of reviews.
  • Hodinkee – for their coverage of the latest, expensive, and vintage. Also, their Vimeo videos, “Talking Watches” and “A Week on The Wrist.” My favorite is with John Mayer. Not a fan of their recent blog redesign because I find it clunky; but it’s easy to look past that because their content is incredible.
  • aBlogtoWatch – for their detailed reviews and explanations of newer watches.
  • Wound For Life – love the content and design. Their watch choices are usually great, and their reviews are succinct.
  • Yeoman’s Watch Review – great photography and selection of Japanese watches.

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