Best Watch Brands under $500: Affordable Timepieces Made with Actual Craftsmanship

“The best or nothing.” — Mercedes Benz These are powerful words when put behind a product, and every watch you buy should be made with that passion – even if it costs less than $500. Here, you will find my list of the best watches under $500, including models, pics, and prices and organized by categories (large […]

Favorite Watches of Josh,

1. What watches do you currently own? The current collection consists of: Christopher Ward C60 Trident, Christopher Ward C11 chrono, Steinhart Ocean 1, Seiko SKX007, G. Gerlach Otago, Perpetual R-01, Perpetual PR-02, Gruppo Gamma A-41, Melbourne Watch Co Flinders, Melbourne Watch Co Hawthorn, Brathwaite Classic Slim, Citizen Eco-Drive As you can see, they’re all pretty […]