15 Best Smartwatches For Swimming

Watches are fast evolving and becoming much more than a timekeeper. Just like smartphones replaced landline phones and fulfilled a lot of functions besides being a tool for communication, smartphone watches also serves a lot of functions besides showing the time. These watches have gained a lot of popularity and have become the perfect choice […]

15 Best Triathlon Watches

The tradition of triathlon watches was started years back with the launch of the Timex Ironman watch. Ever since then, this genre of watch has transformed with newer and smarter technology. Triathlon watches can read your heart rate, while you are working out with three or tri modes as these watches are meant for people […]

20 Best Hybrid Smartwatches

In these modern times, technology is advancing at an amazingly fast pace. The speed of these advancements is so high that the tech that was available just a couple of decades back seems quaint and redundant. The same scenario can be seen in technology related to wearable watches. Just a glance at your smartwatch would […]

20 Best Hiking Watches

In erstwhile times, watches were considered only as an essential accessory that helped in keeping a track of time. It also helped people to remain informed, punctual, and moving in the right direction. Today, this simple timepiece has undergone a lot of change and is no longer a wrist-worn peripheral used to measure hours and […]