10 Watches With Barometers

To a layman, a watch could only be a portable timepiece used for telling time, but there is a lot more to it than timekeeping. As technology advanced, the simple watch progressed to a smart device, integrated with multiple functions for supporting better working based on one’s need. Watches built for outdoor activities and adventures […]

20 Best Watches Without Battery

The World of watches is ever-expanding and evolving. There are two predominant watch styles available in wristwatches defined and differentiated by their movement type. By movement, we mean the mechanism by which these watches keep time. The most popular and the first movement type is quartz that works by feeding an electrical current via a […]

35 Top Digital Watches

A digital watch or an electronic watch shows time in digits. There are no hands here like in an analog watch. The time displayed shows hours and minutes and at time, the seconds. This numeral representation of time in digits is powered by LED, LCD or VFDs. The digital watches run either on electricity or […]

15 Best Sailing Watches

If you are a sea-faring enthusiast or a sailor or a yachtsman, you understand the significance of precision. It is for this reason, when going out for sailing, you need to have a high-precision timepiece that keeps you right on time. Sailing watches have interesting traits that are similar with dive watches but are slightly […]