15 Affordable Automatic Watches Under $500

Automatic watches became prevalent from the 1970s and have been in demand since then. Most watches sold today feature automatic movement. Also known as self-winding watches, they need regular wear to keep running. In a layman’s language, an automatic watch winds “automatically” by taking energy from the movement of the wearer. Manual watches, on the […]

5 Best Mechanical Watches for The Money

The following is a simple list of my 5 favorite mechanical watches for the money right now (and links to where I would buy them online): $3,175 – Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch – Probably the most iconic chronograph for the money. Classic design that fits its original intent (space), great brand, rich history, and a […]

Apple, Rolex Isn’t Scared

[Copyright 2017, Watches and Pencils] As a watch nerd and founder of an online watch community, WatchJudge, I’m hyper-alert to all of the media hype and discussion around the new Apple Watch and iPhone X. Specifically, when it relates to any comparison between innovative tech and mechanical watches. For example: It’s not hard to beat […]