5 Swedish Watch Brands in 2022

Watch lovers can vouch for Swedish watch brands that are coming up in a big way in the watchmaking industry. These watches are humble in style, nature, design, and number. They rely on the philosophy of not too much, not too little and designing and manufacturing watches on this premise. This has helped them to come up with efficient and satisfactory watches. Many of the brands are not yet globally recognized but a few of them have made a mark in this niche. It is surprising to note that even small Swedish watch brand companies have come up with timepieces that are very surprising in looks and performance. Moreover, these watches are no-fuss and balanced coming up with a perfect approach.

Most of the Swedish watch brands have infused the amazing Scandinavian handcraft to their watches. These products feature typical Scandinavian style in terms of minimalism and simplicity. A few watch brands have come up with bold innovations but most of the brands stick to their time-tested watchmaking styles and are quite successful. Swedish watches have their own predominant place in the market. Whether it’s the latest watch or the oldest watch, people will automatically choose the Swedish watch over any watch.

If you are looking to buy a stylish Swedish watch, here we bring you a well-curated list of top Swedish watch brands that have carved a niche in the watchmaking industry with their amazing styles and watchmaking craft.

1. LARSSON & JENNINGS- Larsson & Jennings LJXII Lugano Unisex

Larsson & Jennings is a popular Swedish watch making company that was founded in 2012. The timepieces manufactured by this company are inspired by British and Swedish minimalist designs. Many of these watches were powered by Swiss movement.

This watch by Larsson & Jennings is a fine exmaple of class and style. Its Scandinavian-inspired and blend of modern and classic designs make it stand apart from other watches in the same category. It has iconic Roman Numeral XX at 12’o clock position. It is set in stainless-steel case and the dial is protected by scratch-resistant mineral flat glass. It comes with a stunning Milanese strap that is interchangeable. This watch is powered by Japaense Miyota Movement. It has amazing wrist presence.


LARSSON & JENNINGS- Larsson & Jennings LJXII Lugano Unisex
LARSSON & JENNINGS- Larsson & Jennings

2. Triwa Women’s Gleam Nikki Watch

Triwa is a popular watch brand from Sweden which was founded by four friends and stands for- To Transform the Industry of Watches. They started manufacturing timeless timepieces that aligns traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs. The watch finds a lot of popularity among millennials. The brand was founded in 2007.

This watch by Triwa is an epitome of grace, class, and elegance. It is a water and scratch resistant watch. It is set in a flawless 316L stainless-steel case and slim strap that adds to its style. The impressive and stunning looking ivory dial is protected by Mineral Glass Dial Cover. It has 5-hand chrono watch with two sub dials at 3’o clock and 9’o clock positions. This watch is a perfect example of Scandinavian creativity, simplicity, and quality of the products.


Triwa Women’s Gleam Nikki Watch

3. KNUT GADD-Decagon

Knut Gadd is another popular and trusted Swedish brand. It was founded by Carl-Johan and Therese Gadd in 2014. The brand is known for its unique, sophisticated, and vintage designs that goes back to 1916. The brand brings some of the finest watches that are loved by watchlovers.

This watch by Knut Gadd, Decagon is a very impressive and stylish looking watch. It is encased in a stainless-steel case and is complemented with a brown leather strap. The watch is a fine example of quality, class, and style. It looks lovely when adorned on the wrist. It shows exquisite craftsmanship and exclusive designs.



4. SJÖÖ SANDSTRÖM-Royal Steel Worldtimer

This company, Sjöö Sandström was founded by Mikael Sandström and Christer Sjöö. Both were ardent watch enthusiasts in 1986 in Stockholm. This company always focuses on bringing about a perfect blend of technology and tradition. The watches combine high-tech innovation and traditional craftsmanship.

This watch by Sjöö Sandström, Royal Steel Worldtimer is a beautiful watch and a preferred choice for globetrotters. The watch is beautifully set in stainless-steel case features a secondary hour hand and can juggle two time zones at a time. This is a sober and timeless design. Its lovely black dial with white markers looks very impressive.


SJÖÖ SANDSTRÖM-Royal Steel Worldtimer
SJÖÖ SANDSTRÖM-Royal Steel Worldtimer

5. TID Watches-TID No 1 White Watch

TID Watch is a relatively new and latest watch brand in Sweden. Founded in 2012, the company has two partners-Petrus Palmer and Ola E. Bernestal. The meaning of TID, a Swedish word is time. The brand is known to come up with simple yet elegant watches.

This watch by TID, TID Number 1 White Watch is a sight to behold. It is a very impressive and classy looking watch. Its lovely white dial set in an ion-coated stainless-steel case looks attractive. It comes with a twain nato wristband that looks very impressive. It has amazing wrist presence.


TID Watches-TID No 1 White Watch

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