Watches Under $300 with Hacking and Hand-Winding

Orient M Force WV0151EL

I only own 5 watches – two of which were relatively expensive – so I’m looking to add a few more with a good blend of quality, features, and affordability. I also want to start experimenting with flipping, so keeping costs low should minimize my potential losses.

Because I already have a couple watches that hack and wind, I would really miss those features in a new watch. Luckily, there are several affordable watches that do both.

Below you find my list of the best mechanical watches under $300 (with hand-winding and hacking movements).

First, if you are new to watches, here are a few definitions:


A mechanical watch uses a mechanical mechanism to measure time, as opposed to a quartz watch which functions electronically (battery or solar). It is driven by a spring (called a mainspring).


A watch movement that stops the second hand when you pull the crown to the time-setting position. This allows you to set the time to the second.


A mechanical watch that can be wound by hand. There are two types of hand-winding watches: hand-wind only and automatic with hand-winding.

Watches Under $300 (w/ Hacking and Hand-Winding)

The following watches are affordable and contain all 3 attributes (mechanical, hacking, and hand-winding); 4 if you include decent design (equally important).

Seiko Monster 2 Gen SRP315J1

Seiko Monster 2nd Gen – 42mm, $225

Borealis Scout Sniper 300m

Borealis Scout Sniper 300m – 44mm, $250

SEIKO Automatic "Presage" SARY057

Seiko SEIKO “Presage” SARY057 – 41mm, $276

Seiko SRP491

Seiko SRP493 – 45mm, $233

Orient M Force WV0151EL

Orient M-Force WV0151EL – 49mm, $288

Seiko SRP357

Seiko SRP357 – 42mm, $298

Seiko SRP621

Seiko SRP621 – 44mm, $117

Ticino Type B Pilot

Ticino Type B Pilot – 44mm, $185

I will be adding a few of these to my collection soon.