Which Watch Next… The Seiko Turtle or Monster?

I decided not to sell my Rolex Explorer II. My thinking was that I could flip it and buy a Tudor Pelagos (instead of paying to have the Explorer serviced), but I just cant let it go.

For now, I’ve decided to wait on the servicing and add a few less expensive, but decent quality divers. To start, the following two watches have really caught my attention.

With the summer coming, I want something relatively inexpensive that I can take to the beach or fishing without worrying. So far, I’ve narrowed it down to these two. Both have the same movement (4r36 – 21,600bph, 24 jewels, day date, handwinding, hacking), and I’m hoping both with have similar build quality. This will be my fist Seiko, but my guess is the quality will generally beat the smaller microbrand cases.

I like the design of both watches almost equally, with a slight edge going to the Turtle. Even though, it’s a vintage reissue, it looks a little less cheesy to me. I’ve never been a fan of the teeth indices on the Monster, but the more subtle black dial and dark blue bezel makes it acceptable.

Finally, the price. The Turtle is a bit newer, and pricing should eventually come down, but there is quite a gap; especially, for watches from the same company, with the same movement, from the same line (Prospex). The Turtle is going for $392 shipped on eBay from Singapore, and the Monster is $197 on Amazon. That’s a difference of $195 (in case you’re math lazy like me – I used a calculator – don’t judge me).

It’s hard to complain too much because you’re getting a lot for the money with both watches, but I’m having a hard time deciding. The Turtle’s design is a bit more timeless, but is it worth the extra $200?